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New data on the status and ecology of a galliform at risk of extinction: the Pyrenean grey partridge (Perdix perdix hispaniensis) in the Iberian System (Soria, Spain)

Ceña, J. C.  Ceña, A.  Salvador–Vilariño, V.  Meneses, J. M.  Sánchez–García, C.



A study was conducted in 2008–2010 to gain knowledge on the status and ecology of the endangered subspecies of grey partridge (Perdix perdix hispaniensis), at its southernmost range edge. From an historic breeding range of 28,300 ha, 15 different coveys (adults with juveniles) were observed in an area comprising 5,550 ha, with an estimated minimum autumn population size of 103–113 birds and a maximum of 163–181 birds. Spring pair density was estimated at 2.3 pairs/1,000 ha, and when considering only coveys, 6.8 partridges/1,000 ha. The majority of birds were located at an altitude above 1,690 m a.s.l., mainly in mountain shrubland (especially Calluna vulgaris and Erica spp.). Habitat loss was the most important threat for the species’ conservation. In conclusion, efforts should prioritize urgent habitat recovery and monitoring in order to change the fate of the species

Key words

Conservation, Habitat selection, Management, Radio–tracking

Reception date: 10 III 21  |   Acceptation date: 11 X 21  |   Publication date: 12 XI 21

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