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Comparison of 12 DNA extraction kits for vertebrate samples



Obtaining high quality DNA extractions is a crucial step for molecular biology research projects. At present, numerous protocols are available for vertebrate tissue extractions. In the present study we compared eleven column–based protocols and one HotSHOT protocol using similar conditions (i.e., type of sample, weight of starting material). We evaluated time of extraction, quality and quantity of DNA yield, and price of extraction for a single sample. Based on our analysis, the most
successful kits for producing DNA with the highest concentration and purity are the JetQuick® Genomic DNA Purification Kit (Genomed) and the NucleoSpin® Tissue (Macherey–Nagel). Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to test various extraction kits with specific samples to find the optimal kit in all aspects of time, quality and cost for a particular project.

Key words

DNA isolation, DNA concentration, DNA purity, Price of extraction kit

Reception date: 01 III 19  |   Acceptation date: 01 X 19  |   Publication date: 24 I 20

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