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Revisión del conflicto entre los humanos y las serpientes en México: origen, mitigación y perspectivas



Review of the human–snake conflict in Mexico: origin, mitigation and perspectives
The conflict between humans and snakes has existed since unmemorable times. Fear of and aversion towards these animals may have an evolutionary explanation and may be justified because venomous and deadly snakes cause thousands of deaths around the world each year. Furthermore, social perception, the media, myths, and even religion, increase and feed this fear, resulting in the intentional slaughter of snakes being a common practice in many places. As Mexico is a mega–diverse country with more species of snakes than any other country, it faces a particularly difficult situation with regard to snake bites. Here we revise this human–snake conflict from different perspectives in order to better understand it, to propose possible solutions to reduce it, and to contribute towards snake conservation.

Key words

Fear, Mexico, Megadiverse, Vipers, Strategies, Mitigation, Conservation

Reception date: 28 IX 20  |   Acceptation date: 24 III 21  |   Publication date: 21 V 21

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