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Natural factors but not anthropogenic factors affect native and non–native mammal distribution in a Brazilian National Park

Duarte Silveira, R. A., Marques da Rosa, H. H.,   Pereira, A. A.  Passamani, M.  Zenni, R. D. 



Protected areas, designed for biodiversity conservation, are currently affected by invasive species as most of them have documented biological invasions. This study aimed to test whether non–native mammal species richness influences the local distribution of native mammals and how distance from human settlement, elevation and vegetation characteristics influence native and non–native mammal richness in a national park in Brazil. We recorded 20 mammal species in the park, 17 native species and three non–native species. Native mammal richness was higher at intermediate elevations and in forests with lower tree densities and tree basal area. Non–native mammal richness was greater at higher elevations and in forests with low tree densities. Non–native mammals did not influence native mammal presence. In conclusion, the distribution of both native and non–native mammal species was affected by elevation and vegetation but not by distance from human settlements or non–native mammal presence.

Key words

Biological invasions, Domestic animals, Itatiaia National Park, Protected areas, Wild boar

Reception date: 7 XII 20  |   Acceptation date: 30 VI 21  |   Publication date: 15 VII 21

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