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Modelling European turtle dove (Streptopelia turtur L. 1758) distribution in the south eastern Iberian Peninsula



The European turtle dove population and breeding range has declined sharply in Spain. This study reanalyses data from the Atlas of Breeding Birds in Alicante (SE Spain), aiming to identify the main variables related to its occurrence and abundance. We used hierarchical partitioning analysis to identify important environmental variables associated with natural vegetation, farming, hydrological web, anthropic presence, climate, and topography. Analysis combining the most explicative variables of each group identified the mixture of pines and scrubland in the semiarid areas and the length of unpaved roads as the most important variables with a positive effect on occurrence, while herbaceous crops and scrublands in dry ombrotype climate areas had the most important negative effect. Abundance was related only to the availability of water points. We discuss the implications of these findings for habitat management in conservation of this species.

Key words

Agriculture intensification, Habitat change, Hierarchical partitioning analysis, Pinewood, Population decline, Mediterranean

Reception date: 7 I 20  |   Acceptation date: 23 VII 21  |   Publication date: 03 VIII 21

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