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Nevado de Toluca: habitat for Romerolagus diazi?

Monroy–Vilchis, O.  Luna–Gil, A. A.  Endara–Agramont, A. R.  Zarco–González, M. M.  González–Desales, G. A. 



The volcano rabbit (Romerolagus diazi), also known as teporingo or zacatuche, is a small rabbit that is endemic to Mexico. In this study we characterized its potential habitat in the Area of Protection of Flora, and Fauna Nevado de Toluca, Mexico. Between April 2016 and November 2017, we sampled 1,807 units to determine the presence of this species using indirect evidence. We found dung pellets that could be attributed to R. diazi in 41 (2.27 %) of the sampled units. In 10 % of these units, we set up camera traps to confirm the presence of the species. Sites with presumed R. diazi pellets were characterised by rocky terrain, with Pinus hartwegii as the dominant tree species, and Festuca tolucensis as the dominant grass. Overall herbaceous cover was over 70 %. Sites observed to have a negative effect on the presence of the pellets were areas with livestock grazing and induced burning. The results of camera trapping did not reveal the presence of R. diazi in Nevado de Toluca.

Key words

Teporingo, Conservation, High mountain forest

Reception date: 31 V 19  |   Acceptation date: 02 XII 19  |   Publication date: 04 II 20

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