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Temporal overlap in the activity of Lynx rufus and Canis latrans and their potential prey in the Pico de Orizaba National Park, Mexico

Serna–Lagunes, R.  Álvarez–Oseguera, L. R.  Ávila–Nájera, D. M.  Leyva–Ovalle, O. R.  Andrés–Meza, P.  Tigar, B. 



Species of the same trophic guild are thought to coexist through their differential use of resources, including food, space and time. Time understood as the pattern of activity is highly dynamic. Fourteen camera–traps were set up in the Pico de Orizaba National Park and active for 12 months. Frequency histograms were used to analyze their activity patterns (AP) and a coefficient of overlap (Δ) was used to determine the temporal overlap between two predators, Lynx rufus and Canis latrans, and the predators and their potential prey. A sampling effort of 5,110 traps/night obtained 217 independent records of L. rufus (45), . latrans (27) and eight potential prey species (145). The predators were cathemeral and four potential prey mainly lagomorphs and rodents were nocturnal. The temporal overlap between the predators Δ = 0.80, and the highest overlap between predators and prey were for C. latrans and rodents (Δ = 0.80), and L. rufus and lagomorphs (Δ = 0.58), with differences between the degree of overlap in dry and rainy seasons. The cathemeral habits of the predators likely increase their likelihood of hunting success, particularly for prey with variable activity patterns. The APs support information on dietary breadth and the differential use of resources and temporal differences as strategies for coexisting predators, continually adapting to a highly dynamic and changing environment

Key words

Coefficient of overlap, Co–predators, Coyote, Bobcat, Lagomorphs, Rodents

Reception date: 28 VI 18  |   Acceptation date: 01 X 18  |   Publication date: 23 I 19

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