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Mitochondrial evidence for a new evolutionary significant unit within the Gila eremica lineage (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) in Sonora, Northwest Mexico

Ballesteros–Córdova, C. A.  Varela–Romero, A.  Ruiz–Campos, G.  Findley, L. T.  Grijalva–Chon, J. M.  Gutiérrez– Millán, L. E. 



We present the phylogenetic affinities and DNA barcode of Gila cf. eremica, a geographically isolated and morphologically divergent population from G. eremica DeMarais, 1991. Mitochondrial phylogenetic analyses of cyt–b, cox1 and nd2 show a clades pattern within the G. eremica lineage, placing G. cf. eremica in a clade of specific identity to and sharing a putative common ancestor with G. eremica from the Mátape River basin. The barcoding analysis using a character–based approach of CAOS showed seven single pure characters discriminating G. eremica from its regional congener G. purpurea, and one fixed character in G. cf. eremica discriminating it from G. eremica. These results and the recent detection of diagnostic morphological differences between G. cf. eremica and G. eremica support the hypothesis of Gila cf. eremica as an significant evolutionary unit within the G. eremica lineage.

Key words

Gila, Phylogenetic analyses, DNA barcode, Evolutionary significant unit, Northwest México

Reception date: 28 V 18  |   Acceptation date: 09 X 18  |   Publication date: 02 I !9

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