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Bio–ecology of Potamon algeriense (Herbst, 1785) (Crustacea, Decapoda) in eastern Morocco

Taybi, A. F.  Mabrouki, Y.  Berrahou, A.  El Abd, A. A. 



To contribute to the knowledge of Potamon algeriense bio–ecology in eastern Morocco and the Moulouya watershed, a total of 90 stations were surveyed between 2013 and 2016. Of these, only 14 stations (out of the 90 surveyed) were positive concerning the occurrence of this species, which was found to be limited to the middle and lower watercourses of the Moulouya watershed, and specifically to Oued Za, Zegzel and the lower watercourse of the sub–basin Mouth of the Moulouya. The results of the statistical analyses showed that the main factors influencing the distribution and abundance of Potamon algeriense were temperature, BOD5, and conductivity.

Key words

Anthropogenic activities, Freshwater crab, eastern Morocco, Moulouya

Reception date: 10 VII 17  |   Acceptation date: 16 XI 17  |   Publication date: 29 XII 17

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