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Spatial and environmental variation in phyllostomid bat (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) distribution in Mexico

Arriaga–Flores, J. C.  Rodríguez–Moreno, A.  Correa–Sandoval, A.  Horta–Vega, J. V.  Castro–Arellano, I.  Vázquez–Reyes, C. J.  Venegas–Barrera, C. S. 



Species’ spatial distribution patterns allow us to understand the establishment of different biotic components in different environmental conditions. This study analyzes the spatial distribution of the Phyllostomidae family in Mexico to identify groups of species that occur in similar sites, the environmental conditions associated with species distribution, and the percent of overlap with human–modified areas. The results suggest six groups of sites with particular species composition. The spatial variation in richness pattern was associated with species tolerance to environmental conditions, such as minimum temperature and tree cover. The convergence between species distribution and modified areas varied per species feeding guild. Insectivorous and nectarivorous bats were sensitive species because they occurred in narrow environmental conditions and their distributions overlapped with areas modified by human activities. The approach implemented here analyzes regional species distributions and estimates their environmental requirements, contributing to the development of optimal conservation strategies for susceptible bat species.

Key words

Biodiversity conservation, MaxEnt, Multivariate analysis, Niche breadth, Species diversity

Reception date: 9 IX 16  |   Acceptation date: 3 VIII 17  |   Publication date: 2 XI 17

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