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Reconsidering mammal extinctions in the Pernambuco Endemism Center of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Garbino, G. S. T.  Rezende, G. C.  Fernandes–Ferreira, H.  Feijó, A. 



In the last 500 years, there have been an estimated 21 mammal extinctions in the Pernambuco Endemism Center. We critically reviewed the published historical and recent literature records and concluded that the actual number of mammal species extinction was seven, indicating that the previous figure of 21 species lost is an overestimation of approximately 30 %. Our checklist differs from previous publications by including species that are still extant (n = 5), and removing species that have never been recorded in the Pernambuco Endemism Center (n = 8). We point out that a more rigorous approach towards historical and recent records is needed when producing lists of regionally extinct fauna, given that the implications of misidentifications and false assumptions can potentially lead to loss of credibility by stakeholders and ultimately have a negative effect on species conservation.

Key words

Conservation, Defaunation, Rewilding, Extirpation

Reception date: 10 V 17  |   Acceptation date: 11 VIII 17  |   Publication date: 03 XI 17

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