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Wild felid species richness affected by a corridor in the Lacandona forest, Mexico

Gil–Fernández, M.  Muench, C.,   Gómez–Hoyos, D. A.  Dueñas, A.  Escobar–Lasso, S.  Aguilar–Raya, G.  Mendoza, E. 



Wild felids are one of the most vulnerable species due to habitat loss caused by fragmentation of ecosystems. We analyzed the effect of a structural corridor, defined as a strip of vegetation connecting two habitat patches, on the richness and habitat occupancy of felids on three sites in Marqués de Comillas, Chiapas, one with two isolated forest patches, the second with a structural corridor, and the third inside the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve. We found only two species (L. pardalis and H. yagouaroundi) in the isolated forest patches, five species in the structural corridor, and four species inside the Reserve. The corridor did not significantly affect occupancy, but due to the low detection rates, further investigation is needed to rule out differences. Our results highlight the need to manage habitat connectivity in the remaining forests in order to preserve the felid community of Marqués de Comillas, Chiapas, México.

Key words

Habitat fragmentation, Connectivity, Neotropical felids, Corridor, Landscape ecology

Reception date: 24 V 16  |   Acceptation date: 15 XI 16  |   Publication date: 16 II 17

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