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Brief Communication

Feeding habits of garfish, Belone belone euxini Günther, 1866 in autumn and winter in Turkey’s south–east coast of the Black Sea

Kaya, Ş.  Saglam, H. 



We studied the stomach content of Belone belone in the south–east Black Sea during autumn and winter months in 2010–2011. The most frequent feeding items in the diet were insects in autumn and fish in winter. Other items in the diet were mollusks, crustaceans and isopods. Flying ants were mostly consumed by male garfish, particularly the smaller fish, in autumn.

Key words

Garfish, Belone belone euxini, Feeding habits, Black Sea, Flying ants

Reception date: 31 V 16  |   Acceptation date: 14 X 16  |   Publication date: 6 II 17

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