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Razón de sexos y morfometría de Calidris minutilla (Aves, Scolopacidae) en Cuba: un análisis a partir de especímenes en colecciones científicas

García–Lau, I.  González, A.  Jiménez, A.  Acosta, M.  Mugica, L.  


Sex ratio and morphometrics of Calidris minutilla (Aves, Scolopacidae) in Cuba: an analysis of specimens in scientific collections
Calidris minutilla (Least Sandpiper) populations exhibit morphometric variation across breeding and wintering sites. We documented sex ratio (N = 99) and morphological measurements (N = 49) of Least Sandpiper inhabiting Cuba using specimens in museum collections. We also assessed bill length variation in relation to the longitude (degrees) and type of coastal zone where sampling was conducted. Proportion of female was 0.47 and morphometric measurements were within the range described for the species. Differences in bill length were explained by sex but not by sampling site characteristics.

Key words

Calidris minutilla, Sex ratio, Morphometry, Cuba, Collections

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