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Living scaphopods from the Valencian coast (E Spain) and description of Antalis caprottii n. sp. (Dentaliidae)

Martínez–Ortí, A.  Cádiz, L. 


This paper reports on eight scaphopod species found at 128 sampling stations near the coast of Valencia (Spain) during the campaigns of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/CE) 2005, 2006 and 2008. Samples deposited in several Valencian institutions and private collections are also described. The identified species belong to four families: Dentaliidae (Antalis dentalis, A. inaequicostata, A. novemcostata, A. vulgaris, and A. caprottii n. sp., a new species described from material found on the coasts of the province of Castellón), Fustiariidae (Fustiaria rubescens), Entalinidae (Entalina tetragona) and Gadilidae (Dischides politus). We describe the characteristics and conchiological variations for each species and give geographic distribution maps on the Valencian coast for each species.

Key words

Scaphopods, Dentalida, Gadilida, Antalis caprottii, New species, Mediterranean Sea

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