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Carabus (Oreocarabus) guadarramus La Ferté–Sénectère, 1847 (Coleoptera, Carabidae): first instar larva and reflections on its biology and chorology

Gilgado, J. D.  Ortuño, V. M. 


We provide information for the first time on the larval morphology of Carabus (Oreocarabus) guadarramus La Ferté–Sénectère, 1847, a species endemic to the Iberian peninsula. A detailed iconography is also provided. Three main diagnostic features are given which are particularly relevant to the goal of providing a useful and practical tool to help differentiate between the first instar larvae of this species and the related Carabus (Oreocarabus) ghilianii La Ferté–Sénectère, 1847, which lives in syntopy with C. guadarramus. Detailed maps with 10 x 10 km UTM of the geographic distribution of both species are provided in order to highlight their different chorology. Some of the possible environmental causes that might affect its current distribution are discussed.

Key words

Captivity breeding, Chaetotaxy, Competition, Endemic species, Iberian peninsula, Larval morphology

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