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A core set of microsatellite markers identified for use in population genetic studies of Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio)

Subrata, S. A.  Storch, I. 


Populations of Purple Swamphen have been declining in some parts of the world due to wetland degradation and poaching. Conservation efforts might benefit from population genetic studies using microsatellite markers. Here we describe the selection of microsatellite markers suitable for such studies. We tested the markers against the evidence of the null alleles and gametic disequilibrium. From fourteen candidate loci, ten displayed a null alleles frequency of less than 0.2 and had no significant linkage disequilibrium. The selected loci showed no deviation from HWE and had a mean polymorphic information content of 0.516. Based on the test, we suggest these loci are suitable for population genetic studies of the species.

Key words

Microsatellites, Porphyrio, Wetland, Indonesia

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