Studies on the subgenus Agraphoderus Bates of Blennidus Motschulsky from Peru: the jelskii species–group (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pterostichini)

Allegro, G.  Giachino, P. M. 


Four new species of Blennidus subgenus Agraphoderus are described from the Andes of Southern Peru: B. (A.) procerus n. sp., B. (A.) abramalagae n. sp., B. (A.) etontii n. sp. and B. (A.) straneoi n. sp. Together with B. (A.) jelskii (Tschitschérine, 1897), they form a very homogeneous group of probably closely related species (the jelskii group), which is distinguished from other members of the subgenus by the distinctive morphology of the aedeagus. A redescription of B. (A.) jelskii is given based on the lectotype and paralectotype designated by Straneo & Vereshagina (1991), supplementing Tschitschérine’s brief original description. The distribution pattern of the species presently included in the jelskii species–group is discussed, emphasizing distinctive traits of stenoendemic species inhabiting restricted geographical areas, and discussing their possible origin by allopatric speciation.

Key words

Blennidus, Agraphoderus, Peru, Taxonomy, New species

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Índex de Volume 34.2 (2011)