Estructura del órgano estridulador y análisis de la emisión acústica de Agapanthia dahli (Richter, 1821) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae)

Hernández, J. M. 


Agapanthia dahli (Richter, 1821) have a stridulatory organ consisting of a grooved plate or pars strindens at the dorsal side of mesonotum and a scraper or plectrum in the internal posterior margin of the pronotum. Sound is produced when the insect moves the pronotum, sliding the plectrum against the pars stridens. The structure of the signal is typically disyllabic, reflecting the bi–directional movement of pars strindens with respect to the plectrum. We describe the stridulatory organ and acoustic signals for the first time, and discuss the possible role of stridulation in this species.

Key words

Acoustic communication, Stridulation, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Agapanthia dahli

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Índex de Volume 34.2 (2011)