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Variación morfológica de las especies de Astyanax, subgénero Zygogaster (Teleostei, Characidae)

Ruiz-C., R. I.  Román–Valencia, C.  Herrera–M., B. E.  Peláez, O. E.  Ermakova–A., A.  


Morphological variation of Astyanax species, subgenus Zygogaster (Teleostei, Characidae)

The diverse Neotropical fish genus Astyanax inhabits a variety of aquatic environments. As with other species in this genus, the taxonomic status and phylogenetic relationships of species of this subgenus remain largely undetermined. Based on 354 individuals, we analyzed the morphological variation of four species of the subgenus Zygogaster (A. atratoensis, A. caucanus, A. filiferus, and A. magdalenae) using procrustes analysis and compared findings with two species of the sister group: subgenus Poecilurichthys (A. orthodus and A. superbus). The PCA (Principal Component Analysis) and CVA (Canonical Variates Analysis) showed morphological affinity between the subgenera and indicated variance in body depth, anterior trend of dorsal fin origin and humeral spot, depression on the dorsal surface of the skull, and ventral displacement of the orbit and snout. The variation in these structures may provide evidence supporting adaptive speciation as an alternative to speciation driven by geographical isolation.

Key words

Astyanax, Characid fish, Morphogeometry, Disparity, Colombia.

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