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Ecological features of Terebellida fauna (Annelida, Polychaeta) from Ensenada de San Simón (NW Spain)

Cacabelos, E.  Moreira, J.  Lourido, A.  Troncoso, J. S.  


Ecological features of Terebellida (Annelida, Polychaeta) inhabiting the intertidal and subtidal soft-bottoms of Ensenada de San Simón (NW Spain) were analysed by means of quantitative sampling. A total of 4,814 specimens belonging to five families (Ampharetidae, Pectinariidae, Terebellidae, Trichobranchidae and Sabellariidae) and ten species were collected in a variety of substrata and depths. Ampharetidae was the numerically dominant family mostly due to the abundance of Ampharete finmarchica and Melinna palmata; these species accounted for up to 94% of the total Terebellida abundance. Intertidal areas colonised by the seagrasses Zostera marina L. and Z. noltii Hornem. One thousand eight hundred and thirty-two harboured low densities of Terebellida, whereas the deeper subtidal muddy bottoms showed high abundances of ampharetids. Multivariate analyses suggested that Terebellida assemblages are highly correlated with sediment composition.

Key words

Terebellida, Polychaeta, Biodiversity, Soft bottoms, Ensenada de San Simón, Atlantic Ocean

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Índex de Volume 34.1 (2011)