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Anthrenus (Florilinus) loebli n. sp. (Coleoptera, Dermestidae, Anthrenini) from the Middle East

Kadej, M.  Háva, J. 


A new species Anthrenus (Florilinus) loebli from Israel, Lebanon and Jordania is described, illustrated and compared with the similar species classified within the subgenus Florilinus Mulsant & Rey, 1868. The new species is characterized by oval eyes, eight-segmented antenna and subtriangular, occasionally triangular, scales on the dorsum. The yellowish/light brown scales are present on the anterior and terminal part of the elytra and create three irregular, transverse bands. Antennal segment eight are at least 4.8 to 5x longer than segment 7 in male, 2.1x longer in female. The new species is most similar to A. (F.) museorum (Linnaeus, 1761); A. (H.) fuscus Olivier, 1789 and A. (F.) flavidus Solsky, 1876. An identification key to externally similar species of the genus is given. The most distinctive taxonomic characteristics concern the male genitalia and antenna (in ratio of length of segments of antennal club) and are also described.

Key words

Taxonomy, New species, Coleoptera, Dermestidae, Anthrenus, Israel, Lebanon, Jordania

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