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Pronura bidoup n. sp. (Collembola, Neanuridae, Neanurinae, Paleonurini) from southern Vietnam

Deharveng, L.  Smolis, A. 


A new species of Pronura Delamare Debouteville, 1953, Pronura bidoup n. sp. is described from the Bi Doup massif in southern Vietnam, where it is largely distributed above 1,350 m. The new species exhibits a combination of characters unusual for the genus: shift of chaeta f towards chaeta e on labium, large central reticulate plate on head, presence of microchaetae on furcal rest, reduced chaetotaxy of legs and abdominal segment VI. It is related to Pronura ornata Deharveng & Bedos, 1993 from high altitude in Thailand.

Key words

Pronura bidoup n. sp., Collembola, Neanuridae, Vietnam

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