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Brief communication

Use of visible implant elastomer and its effect on the survival of an endangered minute salamander



The population study of threatened species requires marking techniques that do not affect the survival of individuals. In this study, we evaluated the effectiveness of visible implant elastomer (VIE) in the identification and survival of individuals of the salamander Parvimolge townsendi. We compared three salamander groups under different treatments: intervened, simulated intervention and control. No significant mortality differences were observed between groups (with two, none, and one individual, respectively), but implant migration was observed in four of 10 intervened individuals. Although VIE does not have a significant effect on survival, implant migration should be considered before use in population studies.

Key words

Captivity, Marking techniques, Parvimolge townsendi, Survival, Threatened amphibians

Reception date: 22 VIII 19  |   Acceptation date: 11 IV 20  |   Publication date: 24 IV 20

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