Human disturbances and predation on artificial ground nests across an urban gradient

Bocz, R.  Szép, D.  Witz, D.  Ronczyk, L.  Kurucz, K.  Purger, J. J. 


In our study with artificial nests we observed that the absence of ground nesting bird species in the city centre and in residential districts was due to disturbance by humans and domestic animals (dogs and cats) rather than to predation. Furthermore, predation pressure was higher in the outskirts of the city due to the greater number of natural predators. Our results suggest that planning and creating undisturbed areas could increase the chances of ground nesting birds settling and breeding in human–dominated landscapes.

Key words

Disturbances, Nest survival, Plasticine eggs, Quail eggs, Urban development

Reception date: 31 VII 16 | Acceptation date: 9 I 17 | Publication date: 21 III 17

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Index Volum 40.2 (2017)