Final outcome of raptors admitted to the Tafira Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Gran Canaria Island, Spain (2003–2013)

Montesdeoca, N.  Calabuig, P.  Corbera, J. A.  Rocha, J.  Orós, J. 


The outcomes of wild raptors admitted to the Tafira Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Gran Canaria Island, Spain, from 2003 to 2013 were analyzed using a quality auditing system based on the crude and stratified (by causes of admission) rates of four final outcome categories, time until death and length of stay as quality indicators. The outcome categories were: euthanasia (Er = 19.78%); unassisted mortality during hospitalization (Mr = 22.20%); release (Rr = 57.57%); and permanent captivity (Cr = 0.46%). Taking into account the particular vulnerability of insular raptor species and the high Rr achieved, findings from this study emphasize the importance of wildlife rehabilitation centers for the medical management of injured raptors and the subsequent release of rehabilitated individuals into the wild.

Key words

Wildlife rehabilitation center, Raptor, Birds of prey, Final outcome

Reception date: 28 XII 16 | Acceptation date: 10 IV 17 | Publication date: 12 V 17

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Index Volum 40.2 (2017)